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10,000 sats

We bring you the nostrcard! Front graphic created by corndalorian. Back graphic created by our very own hodlsolo, who also created the first nostrcard prototype to much acclaim on nostr.

Max DeMarco “This might be the most genius Guerrilla Marketing idea for #nostr I’ve seen so far” 

Nostrcard makes it simple to share your Nostr npub with fellow Nostriches; follow the instructions below to write your nostr npub to the nostrcard, enabling you to tap & share your npub. For those who are new to Nostr, they can scan the QR code on the back to learn more about the freedom of censorship-resistant social media.

Alternatively you could use the nostrcard as a regular bolt card, albeit there are no laser eyes on this design. See our “How to use page” for a number of different ways to configure a bolt card. 


Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Your Nostr npub to an NFC Card for Android and iOS:

1. Install an NFC Writing App:

 - Download and install “NFC Tools” from the Google Play Store or App Store. 

2. Prepare Your Nostr URL:

 - Format your Nostr URL with the custom scheme: nostr://npub1abcdefghijklmnoqrstuvwxyz0123456789.

3. Open NFC Tools:

 - Launch the “NFC Tools” app.

4. Write the URL to the NFC Card:

 - Go to the “Write” tab.

 - Tap “Add a record”.

 - Select “Custom URL/URI”.

 - Enter your Nostr URL: nostr://npub1abcdefghijklmnoqrstuvwxyz0123456789.

 - Tap “OK” to confirm.

 - Ensure your Nostr URL is listed under “Records to write”.

 - Tap “Write” at the bottom of the screen.

 - Hold your NFC card close to the back of your phone (towards the top on an iPhone) to write the data.

 - You will see a confirmation message once the writing process is complete.

5. Test the NFC Card:

 - Tap the NFC card against your phone or another NFC-enabled Android device.

 - The device should recognize the NFC tag and prompt to open the Nostr URL using the installed Nostr client app.



1. Extra optional step, lock the card to ensure it can't be overwritten:

  - In NFC tools tap 'Other'. 

  - Lock Card. 

  - Hold card against the back of the phone to lock it. 

2. Compatibility: Ensure the Nostr client app on both Android and iOS is registered to handle the nostr:// URL scheme.

3. Testing: Test the NFC card on multiple devices to ensure it works as expected.

4. Nostr Apps: Check the specific Nostr apps’ documentation for any special requirements or settings to handle nostr:// URLs.