LEATHER bitcoin is better SKIN LEATHER bitcoin is better SKIN
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LEATHER bitcoin is better SKIN

110,000 sats
99,000 sats 10%

A beautiful hand made leather wallet for a FIAT card, embossed with "bitcoin is better" and the Bitcoin logo plus a Lightning strike that lights up when you tap and pay, just like our standard skin but in luxurious leather.

In addition, behind the pocket for a FIAT card, there will be an additional similar sized pocket for folded FIAT paper notes or other similar thin items that you may want to carry in the skin.

Each skin will be bespoke, individually crafted by a boutique experienced team of leather workers in an undisclosed workshop in the UK who have worked on other exclusive leather goods to much international acclaim.

If we receive enough pre-orders (21 of course!), we will launch this product; with all pre-orders receiving a 10% discount and the kudos of receiving 1 of the first 21 leather skins produced, plus our eternal appreciation!

*Please include an email address when you place your order so that we can contact you just in case we don't receive 21 pre-orders and have to refund you with your 99k sats.

**The image shown here is an AI generated image of what the final product will look like ... the actually wallet/skin will look 21 million times better!🤩⚡️