Skins are Laser Eyes Cards latest innovation! Not everywhere accepts the Bolt Card yet - so what do you do, you have to pay with dirty FIAT.

It sucks, we know. But do the merchants know about Bitcoin? Well now you can publicise Bitcoin and create a touch point every time you pay with FIAT - with these amazing thought-inspiring conversation-startering Laser Eyes Skins! 

Simply slide a contactless FIAT debit/credit card into a Laser Eyes Skin, so that when you have to pay with that card, when you tap and pay, the lightning bolt lights up, accentuating the Bitcoin logo and “bitcoin is better”! ⚡️🤩

They are less technical than a bolt card, but maybe more important at this stage in the game - anyway this makes them cheaper, cheaper to make and cheaper to ship. We've passed these savings on to you. Join the Bitcoin Marketing Team for just 35k sats + P&P 😆


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Bitcoin Is Better SKIN
21,000 sats

LEATHER bitcoin is better SKIN
110,000 sats
99,000 sats 10%